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Your Smart Trading Companion AI For Trading On Any Broker. Get Consistent Profit Now!.
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About Us

We are trader and developers of Expert Advisor which produces Automatic Forex Trading Software. We would like to share our coding experience with all the traders who wants to trade in new automated way!.

The Problems

We Face On Manual Trading

Every trader and investor should know these problems we have on manual trading.

The Problems

Psychological, Timing & Skill
1. Psychological
Emotional issues when we're trading affect our decision to open order in market and when we loose it will make our mood worse.
2. Timing
We can't watch markets and many pairs at once for 24 hours and we need so much time to analyze since market pairs have their own characteristic.
3. Trading Skills
For experienced traders, they have done thousand of hours of market analysis but it doesn't applied for investors and rookie trader. It will be a disaster for them with low skill and knowledge.

Why Optimizer Auto Bot

Is A Better Option And Solution To Earn Profit With Your Investment.

Own Your Real Expert Advisor (EA)

Expert Advisor is fully yours to use in your MT4 Account in any broker.

Work With Any Broker

Our Expert Advisor can be used to many trusted broker that you have chosen to trading with.

Instant Market Execution

Open orders instantly when signal occurs. Better and faster than a human.

Work 24 Hours/Day

Our software tracks the market 24 hours/day. This will give you many trading opportunities.

Multiple Pairs

Trade will automatically executed on many pairs with our single Expert Advisor (EA).

Safety Settings

Our Expert Advisor (EA) comes with safety settings for money management and to protect your account from margin call.

Free Updates

Every member of our Optimizer Auto Bot Community gets free updates for lifetime.

Unlimited Income

Enjoy your unlimited passive and active income with our networking system.

3 Bot In 1 Platform

By Becoming Optimizer Auto Bot Subscriber You Will Get 3 Bot In 1 Platform Application For Life

Forex Bot

Forex bot integrated with your MT4 Acccount and runs 24 Hours/day.

Arbitrage Bot

Arbitrage bot for cryptocurrency (Coming Very Soon).

Spot Trading Bot

Spot Trading Bot for cryptocurrency (Coming Very Soon).

Big Bonus Awaits You

Get big bonuses with our profit network system while you enjoy your profit trading.

  • Affiliate Reward
  • Profit Sharing Up To 60%
  • Global Profit Sharing Up To 12%
  • Achievement Reward
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With all the user friendly, BIG benefit and rewards, and also a financial solution at the same time we ask you to join us NOW!. OPTIMIZER AUTO BOT COMMUNITY is a better choice than other competitor platform. Just sit and enjoy your UNLIMITED passive and active income on daily basis. Be part of our community and spread the good words from us. Happy profit for all of you.